After Harry Potter…

So today I finished reading Harry Potter series. Well I read it too early, didn’t I? After watching all the Harry Potter movies for so many times that I lost count of, I decided to read it. But better late than never, eh?

The first memory I have of ever watching Harry Potter movie is the 4th part, Harry Potter and the goblet of fire. I don’t really remember if that was the first movie I watched or I had previously watched the prequels of it. But I remmber that when I watched the goblet of fire, I was hooked. I still recollect renting a DVD of that movie and watching it number of times. My favourite part from the movie is the Yule  Ball. The moment Hermione walkes down the stairs in her pink dress, believe me, I was gaping at her in awe just as Harry and Padma Patil were.

Since then I was inseparable from the HP series. And till date, I have watched all the movies, literally all, for ‘n’ number of times and yet I haven’t gotten bore of it. Not a single time. That really makes me wonder……how can I not get bore? People call it addiction, maybe it is, but who cares. Atleast I am not addicted to drugs. Well this type of addiction is far far better and my parents should be proud of me. Hahaa.

So after watching the movies, I decided its time I read the books. I will just say, I started the first book in last week and completed the last book of the series today. Hey don’t blame me, if I am jobless and my reading speed is very fast. What are summer vacations for? Making all the things happen, you were planning since the first day of this year in college. Also, I can say that the books are more addictive than the movies…?

One thing I would like to admit, and ofcourse everybody would agree is that movies can’t compare to books. Reading book is ten times better than watchimg movies. Yes, the visual effects and background soundtracks are mindblowing but the emotions you understand from reading the book, you can’t see it in movies. Every detail is not shot in movies, obviously, how much can a one and half hour movie incorporate in it?

There are many things I learned from this book. And first of all, hats off to J.K.Rowling. This lady is just awesome! I don’t have enough words to express her personality. She rose from nothing to everything. And moreover, she got this idea in the train journey. I mean..just how? How can one person’s imagination go to such heights that nobody might never reach. She is awe-inspiring, professional, a mother, and a billionaire. Hopefully, one day I will meet her…if my fate’s just as bright as hers was when she first drafted the book!

So this is my first blog ever…..and not baout myself but about harry potter. Well, it not written anywhere right? That your first blog should contain something about you..? Even if it is, you got to know one thing about me though, that I am a huge Harry Potter fan. So if you have anything to give related to harry potter, you know like a real wand or maybe an admit card to hogwarts or a kiss from harry potter himself…..than I assure you, you are my best friend for life! Just kidding….. Hope you liked my first blog. And many more of those to come. image Prizwørld


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