Yesterday, me and my dad were sitting around the dining table and talking about the day and anything in random. While talking the subject turned to goals. What does goal mean, what are my goals etc etc.

By that time even my brother had joined. And he found this topic utterly boring because let me tell you, he is ‘In the moment’ kind of guy. Rather like ‘go with the flow’ person and happy-go-lucky kind than deciding where he wants to be in the next five years. I doubt he even knows what he wants to do five minutes from now. Though I sometimes envy his devil-may-care attitude, I think it is essential you decide what you want to achieve in your life, ten years from now or even next year.

Goal means the result or achievement towards which efforts are directed, ambition, target, objective, mission.
These goals can be anything, like becoming a president, coming first in class anything. Everybody have goals. And so do I.

My father told me that whatever your goals are write those in a book and show it to us. I was confused, why would I show him what I wanna achieve? It could be something I don’t want to share it with anyone but myself. So what he replied with is If you show people what your goals are, then it puts you in a position where you WILL work hard to achieve those, knowing everybody knows and if we don’t achieve them, everybody will know it too and THAT shame, regret of not achieveing in the given time is something you don’t want to suffer. He didn’t say these exact words but I guess thats what he meant.

I can say I slightly agree with him. Yes, if we do tell others about what we want to achieve in the next year, the unknown pressure of trying to prove yourself forces you to work harder in the direction of achieving it. But on the other hand, even if you don’t publicise your goals and you, yourself thrive to achieve it, is not wrong. Well I think so. Well it depends on person to person and their perceptions.

There are various types of goals- Relationship goals, physical goals, career goals, social goals, financial goals, spiritual goals, short term and long term goals etc.

Try writing down your goals divided in the above types and make a plan on how to achieve it. I won’t go on how to achieve and stuff because I need to know and understand that myself.

Lastly one thing, while in the journey of reaching your goals don’t forget yourself. Be you.  Enjoy your journey. Make it memorable. It may be hard but the destination will be great.

And with that I end my blog here. Hope you liked it. Have a great day.





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