My first ever trip to the United States – Part 1

Oh yea, I finally got to visit, the much famour, the Land of dreams, United States Of America. I got to check off another country of my list of countries I want to visit. Well, obviously I can’t say I saw the whole of USA. I visited the states of California and Nevada. I could cover only 3 cities in the span of 10 days. I know very less amount of days to spend in ANY country for that matter but well I don’t hold the cards here. Sadly. So I visited San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The main thing that was the decider if I would go to US or not was gettig the stamp of it’s visa on my passport. In India, it is a troublesome process to get one and not everyone gets it. And moreover depends on the visa interviewer if I should be given a visa or not. Fortunately, our interviewer seemed like she had eaten tons of sugar for breakfast. Who am i to complain, I got the visa! God bless her soul!

So the day arrived to board the plane. I was least bothered to check the route of our journey from Mumbai to San Francisco via Dubai. But when we were half way there after we left Dubai Airport, I saw our flight attendant and a couple passengers clicking photos in their phones from the small window of the planes which is too small to even fit a average sized human face. I wondered what was so fascinating, 10000 ft above ground and decided to check it out. And the view I came in front of, when I peeked down the window was beautiful, breathtaking, mind blowing. Down, at the ground level, it was all snow. Miles and miles of white sheet, as long as your eyes could see until you could see the horizon. It was so amazing that I realised that this globe, this world is a place of many such wonderful and beautiful places and that I haven’t even seen a percentage of it. I came to know that our route was over the north pole as it is rhe shortest route to SF from Dubai. Believe me, it was like heaven!  Naturally, I took photo in my phone (sorry if it’s not that great pic).



Really sorry, I wish I could take more clear and a good picture, but I was too busy enjoying the view to capture it in my phone. There’s more to write about this trip but the post will become too big and boring so I have decided to make it in two parts. For this one, it’s enough. Hope you liked it and enjoy reading my blog!


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