My first ever trip to the United States- Part 2

So continuing with my last blog. Sorry for the gap between the last post and this one. A lot has happened since then. I lost a very good friend of mine in car accident. It was totally unexpected and shocking. I miss him. A lot. 😦 And also I got my semester results which are … More My first ever trip to the United States- Part 2


First time nomination!

I am more than excited to write this blog. This is the first time ever being nominated for the “Liebster’s Award”, the blogger’s award and trust me, I didn’t expect this at all. Like literally! But it feels good, ecstatic to know that someone out there, even one person is reading your blog. All thanks … More First time nomination!


“Oh look at her. She is so ugly” the boys from her class teased her. “You’re good for nothing!” her mother scolded her holding her marksheet. After all these years, her insecurities kept on growing. Her insecurities ate her alive, bringing down her self confidence, and increasing her self- doubt. She pitied herself. She hated … More Insecurities

C’est la vie

It’s been long since I last blogged. So what happened in those months was I cleared my sem with an A grade. Enjoyed my college festivals to the core as it was the last time, made some new friends through it. Got close with some old friends. At the end of one festival in December … More C’est la vie


I have been surfing youtube videos a lot recently. I decided to write this post after I watched makeup videos. Thinking about all the products they use! God! I am nineteen years old and I haven’t heard about most of the beauty products! The thing that didn’t sit right with me was that, small girls … More Beauty

Back home

Hello bloggers, how have you been? A few weeks ago, I had been to Europe with my family. I visited four countries. Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. I personally loved Switz the most. The cold climate, the greenery everywhere, and mostly the snow at Jungfrauhoch. Since we don’t get to experience snow in India, getting … More Back home